17+ Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers (Must Have)

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Hello there, my name is Christopher, and welcome to My Pocket Dollar blog. Today I am going to tell you about the best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers or digital marketers. Of course, this article is suitable and useful for Google Chrome users like me. 

Years after using plenty of browsers, I always found it the best of all browsers.

Well, availability of many must have Chrome extensions are one of the top reasons for any internet marketer to choose it easily. 

This list is comprised of both paid and free Chrome extensions. But trust me, all of them have their own features and worth using.

Well, it is also recommended to not download or install all of the below mentioned best Chrome extensions for bloggers. I always recommend using the required ones instead of installing all of them.

Because too many extensions can cause several issues like browser crashes or freezing, so be smart and choose wisely. So, without stretching the introduction further and make you feel bored, let’s have a look at the list given below.

Download 17+ Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers:

The very first one which you must install is for taking screenshots. Yes, not only bloggers or digital marketers but the common users also need to take screenshots for different purposes.

Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers

For that, Awesome Screenshot extension is one of the best and useful extensions for Chrome you should install. After taking a screenshot you can even also edit it like adding text, highlighting something, crop the size, blur some part, add shapes and much more.

Even you can also record browser activities as a video and add annotations, blur some part of the video if required and much more.

2. Grammarly (FREE + PAID):

Grammarly is one of the highly recommended and must have Chrome extension for bloggers and general users too. This is a complete lifesaver who is worried about having grammatical issues.

No, shame in saying that not all of us are master in English and always do common mistakes which should be rectified for betterment. Grammarly extension will show the mistakes and also suggest the correct version.

best extensions for chrome

Apart from correction, it will also suggest a better composition of lines and paragraphs making you a master in writing masterpieces. Even while writing this article I got many suggestions and tips thanks to Grammarly.

You can use Grammarly for free but for advanced features it is highly recommended to use the premium version for additional features which is worth investing.

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WhatFont Chrome extension download will help you to detect the fonts of any website. Yes, no need to go anywhere else or ask any developer about the fonts because now you can check the font name by your own.

google chrome bloggers extensions

Using this free Chrome extension, you can also know about the text size, color, code, weight, and much more. 

So, next time if you like any font of any web page you can detect it and use it in your own website easily. This is a simple but useful Chrome extension for Bloggers should use.

SimilarWeb is a smart and spy extension which will help you in spying website traffic of any website. 

You can even also check month by month statistics like a drop in traffic or hike as well with simple graphs.

There are also options to see other statistics like website bounce rate, monthly visits, geographic details, traffic sources and much more. If you into SEO then it is quite handly for sure.

best chrome extensions

But please note that only well established and authority sites can be detected easily using Similarweb. 

There is one paid plan for this extension but I do not recommend this or I should say the free version is enough for us.

If you want to know the word count of any article or any text in the web page, you can use the Word Count Tool extension for free. 

It will help you in counting the article or paragraph size and also characters count.

Just select the texts and right-click to choose the option and it will instantly show you the Word Count. Simple and useful right?

Admit this, we can’t understand every single language of the world. There are sometimes when we visit a web page of different language but we are unable to understand what is written there.

It is not possible or irritating to select and copy the entire text to the Google Translate web page. Isn’t it?

free chrome extension for bloggers

In this situation, the simple Google Translates extension helps a lot in just selecting text and finding the English meaning easily within a fraction of seconds. 

It is completely free, easy to use and one of the best Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers like me and you.

Stay Focused is one best Chrome extension for Blogger or student who want to become successful in life. 

Why? because it is not just an extension but a motivator that will keep you associated with your work keep your distraction-free. Let me explain to you.

What we basically do while using our laptop is, we forget our main work and watch a couple of youtube videos, browse Facebook and other social media sites, shopping sites or visit some unnecessary websites and ultimately WASTE OUR TIME.

extensions for Google chrome

Using the Stay Focused extension you easily add sites that you want to avoid or block while doing your main work. You can set the time when you can unblock these sites and till then it will be added in the block sites list.

A simple, useful, and highly recommended tool for every blogger and student to stay focused as the name suggests.

Well VPN or Virtual Private Networks are quite useful in visiting any web page anonymously, hide details, and stay safe. After using so many VPN services I personally use and recommend ExpressVPN as it really does the work as promised.

Of course, it also helps in changing locations and visit from any country of your choice. You can avoid censorships and visit restricted sites or any specific geolocation also.

As a blogger it is quite handly in changing location and checking the web results of any particular nation. ExpressVPN is available in major devices like smartphones, tablets, Windows PC, and macOS too.

expressvpn chrome extension

You can get this excellent VPN for 1 month, 6 months, or for 1 year too with their 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Trust me the invested money will help you in hiding your details online and keep you tension free for sure. So, you can see this is undoubtedly one must use bloggers chrome extension for sure.

The Hunter Chrome Extension for Bloggers will help in finding the email and contact details of any website owner easily.

Sometimes you do not want to contact them using the contact page and send emails directly, in such scenario hunter will hunt the email address and even the social media profile of the owner too.

download google chrome extensions

Isn’t it very useful? Even you can export and extract all the email addresses hidden behind the website and contact personally. I am sure that the owner will surely become shocked thinking how did you manage to find the details.

If you are into blogging or internet marketing or in SEO then you must know the importance of Dofollow and Nofollow links. 

Detecting the Nofollow links is very important to know the SEO strategy of your competitors and also check your own pages too.

Google chrome bloggers extensions

Unnecessary Dofollow and Nofollow links can hamper your blog’s future and rank badly. 

The simple Nofollow extension will mark out the Nofollow links present on a webpage without checking the inspect element option at all.

A free to use and must have Chrome extension for bloggers who are quite serious about their SEO tasks. This extension will minimize your efforts to detect competitors within a few clicks.

It helps you in checking out the major SEO statistics like the number of pages indexed in Google, backlinks, traffic, ads, keyword difficulty, different ranking factors, and much more.

must use chrome extension

Usually some well-known tools will charge a huge amount of subscriptions for the same work but you can save your money and time using this great extension for sure.

If you are like me who has multiple accounts on different platforms and always forget passwords then this is lifesaver tool for you.

Using the LastPass extension you can store the passwords safely their without worrying about anything. 

You just need to remember the master password and you are good to go. You can use this tool in smartphones too in a convenient way.

You just need to remember the master password instead of worrying about tons of other passwords of different accounts.

chrome web store android extensions

Even it will save your time by filling autosave information of forms, faster checkouts by saving card details and manage everything.

Just add, organize, delete, manage on the go from your desired devices, and from anywhere. Cool, isn’t it?

Bloggers and internet marketers have many accounts to manage and for remembering their passwords, this is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers out there.

If you want to get discounted deals while doing online shopping then the Honey extension will save a huge amount of money. 

Not only for the bloggers but for every single online shopper will find this extension worth installing to get some great deals and discounts.

After installing this extension you just need to click on it before checking out any product. It will automatically find the best deal or promo code and apply the code automatically which will definitely save your money.

Google chrome browser extensions

It is now working with over 4500+ stores including online shopping giant Amazon, Groupon, eBay, Nike, Sephora, and others. These money saving features made it one of the best Chrome extensions for bloggers and normal users too.

We all know the importance and impact of YouTube for every single purpose. There are many digital marketers and bloggers promoting their products and services using YouTube and making hundreds of dollars easily.

Watching your competitor’s videos and contents are not sufficient in the year 2020. You need to stay one step ahead fro your competition and do a deep analysis of their channel and videos using the vidiQ extension for Chrome browsers.

vidiq extension for chrome

This is a handy and must have Google Chrome extension for bloggers helps in checking important statistics like the number of views, like ratios, vidiQ score, video optimization checklist, total views of last 30 days, video tags used, and much more.

A must have SEO extension for bloggers who is serious about their SEO strategies. You can easily find the Domain Authority and Page Authority easily by a single click.

Not only these but some other major statistics which matters a lot in analyzing SEO of competitors website/blogs.

Buffer is one of the most popular and useful social media extension for Chrome users. You do not have to log in to different social media accounts to share any post or video because using Buffer extension you can do it easily in one place.

chrome extensions for seo

Just log in to Buffer and share in every social media platform at once easily. You can also schedule your post and stay calm without worrying at well. Buffer will definitely save your time and keep your free rest of the day by its automatic sharing feature.

Eye Dropper is an easy and free Google Chrome extensions for bloggers who want to know the color code of any web page.

safari extension

Yes, just like the WhatFont extension, you can easily detect the color code fo any web page without knowing web designing and development skills.

If you are getting irritated by watching annoying ads while enjoying your favorite youtube videos then here is the perfect solution for you. 

This is a must have Chrome extension available for free which blocks all the YouTube video ads and saves your time.
browser extensions free

Not only youtube but it will also remove ads from Facebook, Twitch, and other major social media platforms. 

It is safe, disable tracking 3rd party apps, stop popups, and much more. So, go get this best extension for Google Chrome browser today.

Final Words:

So, these are some of the best Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers or digital marketers. I have been using few of them as per my requirements and these extensions have fulfilled my requirements and eased my work for sure.

Most of them are free Chrome extensions for bloggers and some are paid in nature. But I had no other option but to add them to this list and also use personally thanks to the useful features they are offering.

I know there are many other useful extensions for blogger which I have missed in this list. So, please share their name in the comment section below and also suggest which one is your favorite from the all.

Thank You and I will post my next content soon.

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